Planking from vintage wood

 Vintage wood planking originates from a  variety of sources which provides us with a look and feel for every taste.

  • Planking from weathered cladding
  • Planking from interiors, roof and ceiling planks with original patina
  • Planking from old floors
  • Planking from the core of vintage beams (pale, steamed, thermised)
  • Planking from resawn hand hewn beams


  • Width from 8 cm
  • Length from 1 m to 4,25 m
  • Thickness from 7 mm


Different sizes are available on request.

We can calibrate and wirebrush planking to your exact requirements.

Woods: spruce, fir, larch, pine, oak.

They are most commonly used for making multi-layer wood panels for interior furnishings such as doors, display units and bookcases.

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