Vintage cladding

Let your creativity loose with this extremely flexible solution

Vintage wood wall panels are reclaimed and supplied in a number of finishes to bring a unique, natural warmth to an item of furniture, wall, ceiling and floor. Planks are planed, sawn and wirebrushed. 

Woods: spruce, fir, larch, pine, oak

Sunburnt wall panels

Wall panelling for ceilings, interiors and roofs

with original patina

Wall panels resawn from vintage beams

pale colour, steamed*, thermised**


  • Length from 1 m to 4,25 m
  • Width from 10 cm to 40 cm
  • Thinckness from 18 mm to 20 mm

Different sizes available on request.




Tongue and groove


* Wood steaming This takes place in a sealed pressure container at a temperature of around 95-130°C. There is a chemical change in the wood cells during this process which causes a change in the colour of the wood. 

** Thermisation (Heat treatment of wood) At a temperature of around 190°C the wood becomes harder making it more resistant to adverse weather conditions, wood decaying fungi and mildew have a higher dimensional stability. Material treated this way is suitable for exterior and interior purposes. The effect of the heat caramelises the wood, which darkens its shade to honey brown or dark brown.

Wood after steaming or thermisation remains sterile and there`s no need to treat it against insects.

Excluding oak, thermised wood planks are not suitable for flooring .

Sunburnt wall panels Wall panelling for ceilings, interiors and roofs Wall panels resawn from vintage beams

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